Art class..

The only class I can sit where ever, do whatever, and express myself freely. 

My favourite class EVER! And to make it 80000000000000000times better, Luke is in that class! c:

Today I learned something…

Even I cannot trust my own parents. They told MY PRINCIPAL to MAKE ME CHANGE IN A BATHROOM FOR GYM CLASS because they don’t want me looking at the other boys. They told my BUS DRIVER to not let me sit by any boys. They told my TEACHERS to not let me be near the other boys in classes. They pretty much ruined everything. ALSO THEY TOLD MY BOYFRIENDS PARENTS TO NOT LET HIM TALK TO ME OR SEE ME WITHOUT SOMEONE ELSE THERE!!!! Like ferreal?! Fuck Life. -_-

I love all my followers. I want to learn all their names. I want you all to feel as loved as I do….

Please ‘submit’ or ‘ask’ to me telling me your name. ;3 Maybe something you like about this blog, or what you want to see more of. I love learning about people!♥♥ I’ll tell you guys about myself too! ^^♥

Hi, my name is Keygan. I’m in love with this boy named Luke. I’m 14 and he’s 16. Yea age difference. Idgaf. I love him and he loves me, I’ve been with him two years, this is going to be our third year. My parents don’t know I’m gay but at school I’m an openly gay kid. I love being with my friends and going to the movies. I’m pretty much a normal teenager. I go EVERYWHERE with Luke. He’s pretty much my everything! He means the world to me and if I lose him idk what I’ll do. ♥ I’m actually a foster child. My role model is my big brother Ashton. He’s the BEST person EVAR! {Other Than Luke!} and he helps me when Luke and I get into fights. He’s the best Foster Brother I could ask for.. He’s pretty much my Dad. ♥

Now you guys know about me! Tell me about yourselves? Pleaseee! c:


Anonymous asked: You've got big brown eyes like a little puppy dog.:3 your adorable!

x3 Hehe. Thanks!♥